BIMCO COVID-19 Crew Change Clause – An Attempt to Facilitate Crew Changes

On 25 June, BIMCO announced the publication of their novel COVID-19 Crew Change Clause for Time Charter Parties. The clause provides shipowners with the right to deviate for crew changes ‘if COVID-19 related restrictions prevent crew changes from being conducted at the ports or places to which the vessel has been ordered or within the scheduled period of call’. Shipowners can exercise their right to deviate by giving charterers a written notice as soon as reasonably possible. The crew change costs will rest on shipowners, unless shipowners and charterers agree that the vessel will remain on hire during the deviation period, but at a reduced rate. In such case, the cost of bunkers consumed will be shared equally between shipowners and charterers.

With more than 200,000 seafarers currently working on board after the expiry of their contracts of employment, the COVID-19 Crew Change Clause at least ensures that shipowners can sail to those few ports were crew changes are possible, without facing the risk of breaching their contractual obligations under time charters. It should be noted, however, that this is not a panacea to the issue of crew changes. Recognising seafarers as ‘keyworkers’ and designating ports where crew changes can take place safely following the Protocols designed by the IMO (Circular Letter No 4204/Add 14 (5 May 2020) should remain a priority. 

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Dr Zoumpoulia Amaxilati

BCL (Thessaloniki), LLM (Southampton), PhD (Southampton), Attorney at Law (Kavala, Greece). Dr Amaxilati joined the Institute in 2019. Having recently completed her PhD degree, she specialises on Admiralty Law, Maritime Labour Law and Personal Injury claims. Prior to joining the Institute, Dr Amaxilati worked as a Lecturer in Private Law at Queen Mary, University of London. She was also a tutor of law at the University of Southampton where she taught Admiralty Law at LLM level. Dr Amaxilati is a qualified lawyer in Greece.

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