IISTL Eighteenth International Colloquium   6/7 September 2023.

IISTL Eighteenth International Colloquium   6/7 September 2023. Richard Price Building, School of Law, Singleton Park, Swansea SA2 8PP.  

Commercial Disputes. Jurisdiction and Resolution.  

Commercial disputes are always complex and time-consuming: and in practice their most complex and time-consuming aspect often concerns not the law but remedies and dispute resolution. Our 18th International Colloquium comes at an opportune time, now we know the rough shape of the post-BREXIT jurisdiction landscape. Many believe that this will if anything be to the advantage of the English courts as a jurisdiction of choice, not only because of the demise of the Brussels system in the UK but also because of the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements 2005 and the prospect of the accession of the UK to the Hague Judgments Convention of 2019. Hence, such matters need to be given proper consideration by academics and those in practice.  

Arbitration law is also subject to its own pressures for change, notwithstanding that  BREXIT has had little impact on London’s position as a favourite forum for arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution. There is a growing realisation that our procedural rules relating to arbitration need improving further, and that our arbitration law needs to take measures to accommodate the solving of at least some commercial disputes by AI. In addition, there is a growing interest in developing an even more user-friendly approach to ADR mechanisms. Our 18th International Colloquium will focus on these issues.     Topics discussed are very varied, but will include:

• Consent to arbitration

• Digitalisation of arbitration

• Law reform and arbitration

• Challenges to arbitral awards

• Mediation

• Digitalisation and compulsory ADR

• ADR in Passenger claims in shipping and aviation

• Applicable law in arbitration disputes

• Anti suit injunctions

• Forum non-conveniens and stay of proceedings

• Service of jurisdiction in the light of updates to CPD rules

• The EU and Jurisdiction: shipping’s inclusion in the ETS; direct action provisions and UK insurers

• Hague Judgments Convention 2019

• Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements

• Rome Regulations on choice of law  

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