Some improving TV?

A note for 1030 tomorrow and 1100 Wednesday. For those who want a degree of pre-Easter wind-down the Supreme Court is hearing the OW bunkers case (PST Energy 7 Shipping LLC v OW Bunker Malta Ltd [2015] EWCA Civ 1058; [2016] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 228). Watch the excitement live on To remind you, the sexy issue is whether a contract to sell goods (here fuel oil) for immediate consumption on reservation of title terms is a contract for the sale of goods or something else; but there’s a good deal besides. Starring Mance, Clarke, Sumption, Hughes and Toulson: a very decent cast!

Thanks to the guys at the HFW blog for the tip.

Bunkers and The Res Cogitans: leave to appeal

Hot news: the curious decision in The Res Cogitans [2015] EWCA 1058, to the effect that a sale of bunkers on reservation of title terms for immediate consumption was not a contract for the sale of goods (a decision commented on earlier in this blog on October 22, 2015) is to be appealed to the Supreme Court. Permission was given yesterday. See